Freedom Exhibition: UArts

Freedom on the mountain, freedom on the river. The opportunity to untie yourself from your fears and limitations, both physical and psychological, to experience the heady thrill of speeding down a ski trail, or the gentle glide of rowing on a clear summer’s evening. I have been privileged to have discovered this group of wonderful people, to have the chance to reach out and help change lives, and to have my life changed in return. It was only natural that I would focus my lens on them, to try to capture some of these moments.

Image 1 - Monoski instructor heads for the mountain
Image 2 - With help from an instructor, a biskier can control the ski by leaning into the turn.
Image 3 - Instructor taking a student over a jump
Image 4 - A monoskier learns how to use riggers to control her turns
Image 5 - Using one oar, a rower heads for the Schuylkill river
Image 6 - Gliding on the river
Image 7 - Rower prepares to launch from the dock
Image 8 - Biskier listens to instructor
Image 9 - Rower adjusting her equipment
Image 10 - Biski catching an edge on a turn
Image 11 - One ski, one pole, and a lot of speed
Image 12 - Monoskier rests between runs
Image 13 - Racer on a practice run
Image 14 - Visually impared rower heading for the river
Image 15 - Getting ready to go out on her first row
Image 16 - Pontoons stabilizing the boat for safer row
Image 17 - Heading back up the mountain
Image 18 - Some students want to choose where they go
Image 19 - Preparing to get off the lift
Image 21
Image 22
Image 23
Image 24
Image 25
Image 26
Image 27
Image 28
Image 29
Image 30
Image 31
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